From the conference on investments in Serbian energy


Serbia has launched a strong investment cycle in the energy section worth more than three billion euros, which will provide long term energy stability of the country, said Mr. Aleksandar Antić, the Minister of Mining and Energy at the conference “Investments and new capacities - a guarantor of energy stability.” For the past two years, Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia, supported by the Government, has been completely committed to implementation of the major strategic investment projects related to application of the ultra modern technologies, increasing energy efficiency, construction of new modern plants and rehabilitation of the existing and reliable ones.


- We are working hard and we have a strong investment cycle for which I truly believe that it is experiencing some extra mainspring that would have a major influence on our energy stability - said Mr. Antić.


Since the end of 2015, numerous projects have been successfully restarted. Construction of a new thermal unit in Kostolac, then the “green” project in Kolubara, modernization of HPP Zvornik and small hydropower plants, construction of desulphurization plants and the first EPS windfarm in Kostolac, have all been initiated. With works on HPP Djerdap 1, HPP Zvornik and HPP Bajina Bašta, the hydro capacity has been increased by 140 MW, while the thermal capacity is by 220 MW higher due to works on TENT A and TENT B and TPP Kostolac B.


- This means that from 2015 to 2017, via mentioned projects of rehabilitation, procurements of modern equipment, environmental protection and preliminary activities regarding construction of the new capacities - we made investments of 1.2 billion euros in all sections: energy production, coal production, distribution system and quality of supply – communicated Mr. Vladimir Marković, the director of the Key Investment Projects Department in EPS.


Regarding the strategic aims of PE EPS from 2018 until 2027, the priorities are focused on supply stability, meeting environmental requirements, modernization, economic sustainability and further implementation of investments.


- Therefore, 1.1 billion euros will be invested in mining, 1.7 billion euros in the thermal section, 0.7 billion euros in renewable resources and 1.4 billion euros in distribution and corporative projects. Taking it all, the investments until 2027 will amount 4.9 billion euros - added Mr. Marković.


The conference, which gathered the expert public, was organized by Balkanmagazin, the portal for energy.