Electric Energy Supply

Public Enterprise “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” founded the subsidiary “EPS Snabdevanje” in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Law, observing the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community of the South Eastern Europe, in compliance with the Serbian steps towards EU accession, as well as with Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on Adoption of Framework for EPS Reorganization.
Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia gave on 1st July 2013 a licence for public supply to the company “EPS Snabdevanje”, which became then the public supplier of all electricity customers that are supplied at regulated prices. Since 1st January 2014, it performs activities of a supplier of other end-customers in the open electricity market, as well.
By incorporation of “EPS Snabdevanje”, the operations of electricity supply and distribution unbundled. The unbundling was necessary for the purpose of the second phase of market opening, i.e. entering of other suppliers contracting, since 1st January 2014, supply with all customers, except with households and small customers. They can sign contracts on supply with them from 1st January 2015.
All suppliers use distribution network, i.e. services of Distribution System Operator.