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Basic data

According to capital valuation and with a staff of  33.335 employees (including employees from Kosovo and Metohija) as of 31 December 2013 Electric Power Industry of Serbia is the largest enterprise in the country.

The installed capacity of EPS’s power plants amounts to a total of 8,359 MW, as follows:

  • *in lignite-fired thermal power plants 5,171 MW
  • in gas-fired and liquid fuel-fired combined heat and power plants 353 MW
  • in hydro power plants 2,835 MW
  • EPS operates three power plants of total capacity 461 MW which are not in the ownership thereof.

The Electric Power Industry of Serbia is the largest producer of lignite in the country, with a potential annual production of around 38 million tons.
The coal basins of Kolubara, Kostolac and Kosovo and Metohija* are in the direct vicinity of thermal power plants.

Supply and sales of electric power to 3.553.988 customers on the territory of Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija) are carried out in the scope of the electric power distribution activities of EPS.

*As of 1 June 1999, EPS does not operate their plants on the territory of Kosmet.