Electic Energy Production

Thermal Power Plants


Total capacity of eight thermal power plants with 18 operating units is 4,032 МW. They are lignite fired power plants.
  • TPP Nikola Tesla А (6 units in total)
  • TPP Nikola Tesla B (2 units in total)
  • TPP Kolubara (5 units in total)
  • TPP Morava (1 unit)
  • TPP Kostolac А (2 units in total)
  • TPP Kostolac B (2 units in total)
“TPP Kosovo” is composed of: *
  • TPP Kosovo А (5 units in total)
  • TPP Kosovo B (2 units in total)
The largest units are in TPP “Nikola Tesla B”- B1 and B2, with available capacity of 1.190 МW in total.
*Since 1st June 1999, EPS has not been operating its capacities at the territory of Kosmet.
Hydro Power Plants
Total capacity of sixteen hydro power plants with 50 hydro generating units is 2,835 MW, which makes almost 34 % of total power potential of EPS. Electricity generation is carried out within the following branches:
“Drinsko-Limske Hydro Power Plants”, Bajina Basta

The first hydro power plants were put in operation back in 1955. – HPP Vlasina, followed by HPP “Morava” (1954-1957). However, HPP Djerdap is deemed to be the queen of all hydro power plants.

HPP “Djerdap 1” construction began as early as 1964, through joint investment of Yugoslavia and Romania. In August 1970, first generating units were commissioned, and the entire facility was put in operation on 16th May 1972. Main activity of this hydro power plant is not only electric power generation but operation of ship locks in the systems of “Djerdap 1” and “Djerdap 2”, as well.  

HPP “Djerdap 1” ship locks are two-level locks (ships enter the chamber and then are being “led” into the end Danube river water level at the chamber exit). These ship locks are among the largest in the world by their chamber dimensions.    

HPP “Djerdap 2” construction officially started on 3rd December 1977, and the first generating units were put in operation in 1985. This hydro power plant consists of: power plant, ship lock, spillway and non-spillway dam, as well as dam crossing with the border between the two countries in the middle of it. The project provided for the possibility to construct railway across the dam.
Combined Heat and Power Plants
”Combined Heat and Power Plants Panonske d.o.o. Novi Sad (Panonske CHPP) operates and performs activities within the Public Enterprise “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” as a Branch; its three branches producing electricity for the needs of power system of Serbia, heating energy , for the needs of city heating plants in Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Sremska Mitrovica and technological steam for industrial purposes.
Plants produce energy in a modern, cogeneration process enabling primary fuel – natural gas or crude oil savings up to 25 % compared to separate generation of current and heat. Total nominal installed power amounts to 425 MW for generation of electric energy, 505 MW (t) for generation of heating energy, 860 t/h (tons per hour) of technological steam for process industry.