The activity of electric energy distribution is performed in five subsidiaries:

  • "Elektrovojvodina",d.o.o. Novi Sad
  • "Elektrodistribucija Beograd", d.о.о. Beograd
  • "Еlektrosrbija", d.о.о. Кraljevo
  • "Centar", d.о.о. Kragujevac
  • "Јugoistok", d.о.о. Niš

"Еlektrovojvodina" was founded on June 28, 1958, as a electricity distribution company in Vojvodina. It was founded by consolidation of several small municipal electricity distribution companies. The company was named after a distribution predecessor from Novi Sad.
Elektrovojvodina got the status of public enterprise by the decision of the APA (Assembly of Autonomous Province) of  Vojvodina, in January 1990, and from the beginning of 1992, it has been operating within Public Enterprise “Elektroprivreda Srbije”.Under the Decision of EPS Management Board, dated November 23, 2005, the legal form of the company was changed and from January 01, 2006, it has been operating as the Subsidiary for Electricity Distribution "Elektrovojvodina"d.o.o. Novi Sad.

Today, “Elektrodistribucija Beograd” provides consumers with the continuous electric energy supply of high-quality, in the demand area of 2838 square kilometers, which covers 16 city municipalities, with 123 settlements with a total population of over 1.7 million inhabitants. PE "Elektrodisribucija Beograd" supplies electric energy to 770 140 consumers, with more than 750 000 consumers being in the category of "households".

“Elektrosrbija“ from Kraljevo operates in the demand area of 25 211 square kilometers, in the territory of 12 districts and the city of Belgrade, that is in the territory 11 cities and 44 municipalities with a total of 2 345 settlements. The company consists of 11 branches and the Management.

Electricity Distribution Company “Centar“ Кragujevac, was founded in January 1, 2006 by merging two former public enterprises - "Elektrošumadija" from Kragujevac and "Elektromorava" from Požarevac, which were branches of the company.By the internal reorganization of the company “Elektromorava“ from Požarevac, two new branches were formed and from March 01, 2007 three branches operate in PE “Centar”, namely: “Elektrošumadija Kragujevac“ , “Elektromorava Požarevac“ and “Elektromorava Smederevo“.

"Jugoistok“ Niš commenced  operations on January 1, 2006. This company consists of six electricity distribution companies - branches: Elektrotimok Zaječar, Elektrodistribucija Niš, Elektrodistribucija Pirot, Elektrodistribucija Prokuplje, Elektrodistribucija Leskovac and Elektrodistribucija Vranje. Total number of consumers in the demand area of the Company is 593 000.