Future only through cooperation of profession and science

37th Energy 2022 Conference

Challenges of energy transition, regional connection of electric power industries, acceleration of investment projects, as well as faster and improved cooperation of power profession and science were main topics at the opening of 37th Energy 2022 Conference organized by the Association of Power Engineers. The ongoing power transition experienced global power crisis which additionally hindered the initiated transformation of electric power industries.

Chairmen of the Association of Power Engineers, Professor Nikola Rajakovic, PhD, pointed out that actual situation demanded serious solutions from the profession and that reaffirmation of the energy industry was an important obligation. He reminded about open issues of Covid, power crisis emerged in the last quarter of 2021, December shock in our energy industry and war games in Ukraine, and now we have a spiral price increase, with delicate short-term forecasting.

- On a long-term level of power transition, we will be facing 3D Decarbonization, Decentralization both of generation and consumption, and Digitalization said Rajakovic

Vladimir Siljkut, PhD, Director Advisor for Business System in Electric Power Industry of Serbia, highlighted that EPS had always supported professional gatherings and that without cooperation of the profession and the science there were no long-term strategic development of power industry.

- EPS is strongly committed to turn to renewable energy sources. It will not be easy, taking into account that greater part of generation is and will be relying on the coal. EPS has recently finished the concept of green road “Go Green Road” which also implies rationalization of classic sources, stronger relying on green sources, investments in RES and relying on hydro capacities, as well as the consumption-related project – said Mr. Siljkut. – A decision on establishment of Professional Counsel and Body of EPS is prepared, and establishment of Science Counsel consisting of representatives of scientific community is under preparation. Thus, we practically grow the idea that only with close cooperation of the profession and the science the power industry has a future.

Mr. Siljkut highlighted the significance of cooperation with electric power industries in the region, since otherwise there is no future. Experiences and potential projects are already being exchanged and analyzed, respectively.

Zoran Ilic, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy, reminded about the adopted legal framework related to the energy sector, but he also insisted that energy security was not at the satisfactory level. He said that decarbonization and RES share increase were the aim, but that the connection at all levels was necessary.

 - No new power plant has been built for 30 years and we are all guilty for that. The engineers must not remain silent – explained Ilic.

Luka Petrovic, General Manager of the Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Srpska, pointed out that investments had а key role, they held great potential, and that states must invest to enable energy sector independence. Milutin Djukanovic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro, said that the states of the region had to proclaim energy projects strategic, considering the irritant slowness of developments and our race against time.

During the three-day conferenceLong-term and Short-term Challenges of Initiated Power Transition in Serbia”, 90 studies will be presented, while participants will be the representative of universities, institutes, electric power industries from the region, electric power companies