Kolubara coal basin

Kolubara coal basin is located in the western part of Šumadija, between Rudovci (eastward), Koceljevo (westward), Stepojevac (northward) and Slovac (southward), and it expands over the area of about 600 square kilometres. The basin stretches east to west, and it is 55 kilometres long and 16 kilometres wide.

Kolubara open cast mines produce about 75 percent of lignite in Serbia.

Nowadays, coal is being excavated at four active mines: “Field C", “Field Е", “Tamnava-West Field" and “Field G". During operation, these four mines, which cover an area of about 80 square kilometres, located in the area of municipalities of Lazarevac, Lajkovac and Ub, together comprise one technological and production unit. The coal excavated from open cast mines “Field C" and “Field Е", is processed in refinement and coal separation plant in Vreoci, while coal from mines “Tamnava-West Field" and “Field G" is crushed and sorted in “Crushing Plant" in the open cast mine “Tamnava-West Field“. Coal is used for the needs of the thermal power plants “Nikola Tesla" in Obrenovac, “Kolubara A" in Veliki Crljeni and “Morava" in Svilajnac, as well as industry and consumer goods.

Coal basin Kolubara is located approximately 40 kilometres from thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla“ (ТENT).

Kostolac coal basin

Deposit “Drmno" is located in the eastern part of Kostolac coal basin, i.e. east of the River Mlava and it covers the area of approximately 50 square kilometres. Kostolac coal basin produces 25 percent of lignite in Serbia and supplies thermal power plant “Kostolac“.

The eastern and southern borders of the deposit are natural, i.e. predefined by the geological conditions. The northern border of the deposit is the River Danube, even though the coal seam continuously expands beneath Danube and pass into the deposit Kovin. Kostolac coal basin is in the close vicinity of thermal power plants “Kostolac A" and “Kostolac B“.