Socially responsible business

CSR projects

​In the same way it provides an energy support to the citizens and industry in Serbia, “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” tends to contribute to development and wellbeing of the community in which it operates. We want to measure the success of the company not only through the achieved business performances but also through the things we do for the welfare of the community.

“Electric Power Industry of Serbia” operates in a socially responsible manner in all aspects of life: science, education, health care, culture, sports, humanitarian activities, upholding of spiritual values and activities of religious communities.

For years, EPS supports and assists the work of the most important public offices, institutions and organizations in fields of education and science: University of Belgrade and faculties educating experts that are needed by electric power industry, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Nikola Tesla Institute, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia. We also support the most important professional conferences and fairs, such as: CIGRE, CIRED, Energy Engineering, Mining, Waters and Energy Fair. Through various science-oriented manifestations, such as Science Festival, Tesla Days and Night of the Researchers, EPS contributes to science affirmation. We supported science and educational camps for the youngsters – “Viminacium” Children Camp and “Tara” Eco Camp. 

“Electric Power Industry of Serbia” particularly wants to show its corporate and social responsibility in the vulnerable life areas such as health care. EPS tends to be engaged in as many actions as possible related to provision of assistance in health treatments, especially when they involve children. By its donations EPS has enabled the largest health care institutions in the country (Clinical Centre of Serbia, Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje, Clinical Centre Dragiša Mišović) and a great number of hospitals in Serbia to improve the quality of their services, as well as procurement of medical appliances, equipment and medicaments. 

EPS shows its humanity at work – we support the work of homes for abandoned children and persons with disabilities, we help orphans and children of refugees from Kosovo and Metohija, the operation of non-governmental organizations in the field of human rights and minority rights. "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" is especially proud of the humanity its employees showed in the most critical moments (earthquake in Kraljevo and catastrophic floods in May 2014). Besides, our employees often participate in voluntary blood donations.

With great pleasure "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" supports development and improvement of culture and art, protection of cultural property and cultural heritage. EPS is a friend to national institutions of culture: the National Museum in Belgrade, the National Theatre in Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Museum, Museum of Science and Art, Museum of Modern Art, but also to a number of projects in the field of culture.

EPS recognizes the importance of sport and Serbian athletes who are often the best ambassadors of the country. Traditionally, the company provides support to the Olympic and Paralympic Committee of Serbia, Volleyball, Handball, Water polo, Shooting and Athletic Federation of Serbia, as well as to the top athletes in achieving results at regional and international competitions.

The most important religious institutions and establishments in the country had the support and understanding of "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" - EPS is donor for the completion of construction of the St. Sava Temple in Belgrade, and we have sent the help to many monasteries and churches, as well as religious institutions of other confessions in Serbia.

One of the priorities of "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" is an environmentally sustainable business operation, aligned with the norms of the European Union in the field of environmental protection. We have shown with the number of projects we are implementing that environmental protection is an integral part of management strategy in the company. By educating customers about the rational use of electricity, which is aimed at the preservation of non-renewable sources and environmental protection, EPS contributes to the increase of energy efficiency of the community where it operates. For the purpose of that education EPS gave regular payers 120,000 energy saving light bulbs.


EPS has also organized an interactive education of citizens about the biggest consumers of electricity in the household, using modern communication channels - application tablet, in order to get this topical issue closer to the younger population and encourage their responsible attitude towards this important issue.

The company organized educational activities EPS and DECA  with the aim of explaining to the youngest in a popular and easy way  about the production, consumption and saving of electricity, and the dangers that lurk from the "electricity" and how to protect themselves from "electricity". Pupils of primary schools from Serbia took part in the activity. EPS took them to the Museum of Nikola Tesla, TPP Nikola Tesla, theaters, eco-camps. Over 10,000 children took part in literary, art and photo competitions as part of this activity.

Electric Power Industry of Serbia pays special attention to its employees as the most valuable resource of the company. Safety and health at work is one of the priorities of EPS. The company organizes various programs, education and trainings for training of employees about safety and health at work. Special emphasis is placed on prevention of occupational injuries.