Production capacities

Coal produced in mining basin “Kolubara” provides for the generation of about 53% provides for the generation of about 17% of generation.

In TPP “Morava” is used a mixture of coal from “Kolubara” and the Public Company for Underground Coal Mining “Resavica”.

The maximal annual coal production in EPS was realized in 2011 and it amounted to 40.3 million tons. The average production ranges from 37 to 40 million tons of coal.

Mining basin Kolubara produces an average of 29 to 30 million tons of coal. Kostolac coal basin produces an average of about 9 million tons of coal.

Total coal production in EPS in 2020 amounted to 39.1 million tons.


The annual production of EPS is about 100 million bank cubic meters of mass.