Hydro power plants

The total installed capacity in 16 hydropower plants with 51 units is 3,015 MW, which accounts for almost 38.4% of total power potential of EPS. Electricity is generated in Djerdap HPPs Branch, Kladovo, and Drinsko-Limske HPPs Branch, and Bajina Bašta.

The first hydropower plants were commissioned in 1955 – HPP Vlasina, followed by HPP Morava (1954-1957). However, HPP Djerdap is recognized as the “queen“ of all hydropower plants.

The total power output of 28 units in Djerdap HPPs Branch is 1,605 МW, and the mean annual production is 7,180 GWh, which accounts for about 20% of electricity generation in „Elektroprivreda Srbije”​​.

The construction of HPP Djerdap 1 started in 1964, with joint investments of Yugoslavia and Romania. In August 1970, the first units were put into operation, and complete plant was commissioned on May 16, 1972. Core activity of this hydropower plant is not only electricity generation but also navigation of ships with navigation locks in the system of Djerdap 1 and Djerdap 2. The navigation locks in HPP Djerdap 1 are two-level type locks (a ship enters a chamber and it is then “navigated“ into the outlet water level of the Danube at the outlet of the chamber). According to the chamber size, these navigation locks belong to a group of the biggest locks in the world. 

The construction of HPP Djerdap 2 officially started on December 3, 1977, and the first units were put into operation in 1985. This hydropower plant consists of a power plant, a navigation lock, an overflow dam and non-overflow dam, as well as a road over the dam with a state border in its middle. The design of the dam also foresees a possibility to construct railway over the dam.

Nine hydropower plants within Drinsko-Limske HPPs Branch on the Drina and the Lim, have total installed capacity of 1,390 МW. The mean annual generation is about 3,320 GWh, which accounts for about 10 percent of electricity generation in EPS.