Thermal power plants

The total installed capacity of eight thermal power plants in „Elektroprivreda Srbije”​​, with 25 operating units, amounts to 5,171 МW. The operation fuel is lignite.

Since 1990, the maximum annual generation of power plants under EPS was achieved in 2013 – 37,433 GWh of electricity.

*Since June 1, 1999, EPS has not been operating the capacities on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

Nikola Tesla TPPs include the following plants:

Nikola Tesla A TPP (with 6 units) 1,766 MW of installed power

Nikola Tesla B TPP (with 2 units) 1,300 MW of installed power

Kolubara TPP (with 5 units) 239 MW of installed power

Morava TPP (with one unit) 125 MW of installed power

Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plants Branch is the largest electricity producer in the Southeast Europe. The plant has 14 units with total installed capacity of 3,430 МW.

Annually, TENT generates more than 50% of electricity in Serbia. The largest units are in Nikola Tesla B TPP. Those units are unit B1 and B2, with installed capacity of 650 MW respectively.

Kolubara and Morava thermal power plants’ mean generation is 1,241 GWh, which makes 3% of generation in EPS.


The Branch Kostolac Thermal Power Plants and Mines includes the following:

Kostolac A TPP (with 2 units) of 310 MW installed capacity

Kostolac B TPP (with 2 blocks) of 697 MW installed capacity

Kostolac A and B TPPs have annual generation of 5,875 GWh, which makes 17% of electricity generation of EPS, all of which is made possible due to installed capacity of 1,007 MW.