High Biomass Potential at Mine Borders

EPS Invests in Environmental Protection

Green energy generation and environmental protection are high on the list of priorities of Electric Power Industry of Serbia, which is why, in cooperation with American company E3 International, we have successfully initiated the project of short-rotation coppice, said Mr. Milorad Grčić, PE EPS acting director.

With the representatives of the Government of Serbia, embassies, international institutions and E3 International delegation, Mr. Grčić visited the short-rotation coppice plantation at Field G mine border in Kolubara MB, which represents the pilot phase of SLLES project (growing short-rotation biomass plantations – coppice) in PE EPS.

- The main priority of Electric Power Industry of Serbia is electricity generation, but green electricity generation is right next in line, i.e. the increase of green energy percentage within EPS and environmental protection. Up to this point, EPS invested EUR 540 million and keeps investing – said Mr. Grčić.

He emphasized that environmental protection remains a priority, but that EPS thermal sector needs to be preserved so that Serbia could have stable energy system and sufficient amounts of electricity, for households as well as industry.

- When we say thermal sector, we mean mines as well. And here we are in a mine where we started with a project which is evidently at the beginning of its success. For one, we only have three hectares planted with several types of willows which are not from Serbia, but also one Serbian type which is fighting for its place, which I am sure it will succeed – said Mr. Grčić.

Daniel Berg, advisor in E3 International, thanked EPS director for his support and excellent cooperation during the previous period.

- Three years ago, we talked about sustainable energy, we are talking about it again and I am pleased about it. This project is still a child. We are hoping it will grow and produce energy for Serbia for a long time – said Berg.

The president of E3 company, Bonnie Norman, said that the project with EPS enabled for land reclamation, but also new job vacancies which would enable for easier and just energy transition, and added that there are 1.6 million hectares of unused and degraded land, together with mine landfills.

- We are looking forward to raising this project on a higher level and start reclamation on a larger area in the fall, and thus help creating better future – emphasized Norman.

The project was supported by the Austrian Development Agency.