EPS – the largest and the most profitable

Serbian Business Registers Agency’s Report

The most profitable and the largest business entity in 2020 in Serbia was Electric Power Industry of Serbia, as indicated in the annual report of the Serbian Business Registers Agency on business operation of business entities in economy.

EPS Group is the leader in Serbia when it comes to the value of core financial performances, and it achieved 7.2 per cent of operating revenues of business entities and 6.3 per cent of net profit, while its share in business property and capital is 17.3 per cent, i.e. 22.5 per cent.

In 2020, EPS Group had net profit of RSD 11.7 billion, which was the largest profit in Serbia. This high profitability was achieved owing to better results in all segments of business operation, but mostly owing to significant profit from business relations.

Operating revenues at the level of the whole Electric Power Industry of Serbia, mostly resulting from electricity sales, amounted to RSD 246.85 billion, and were increased by 1.3 per cent comparing to 2019.