New HPP for the Future

From the Kick-off Meeting on the Construction of Bistrica PS HPP

The continuation of the project of Bistrica pumped-storage hydro power plant was initiated with a kick-off meeting with the representatives of the consortium that is to prepare the basic design, feasibility study and planning documents.

- This is the beginning of the preparation of technical documents for one long-anticipated, desired and necessary project for Electric Power Industry of Serbia and for the state of Serbia. The construction of Bistrica PS HPP has been talked about for years, and I am happy that we are showing that we can do it and that we will do it. The companies Energoprojekt Hidroinženjering, Electricity Coordinating Center and Institute for Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia from Belgrade, members of the consortium, are our partners now, we are together and only thus can we bring this project up to speed - said Mr. Miroslav Tomašević, PE EPS acting director, at the kick-off meeting.

He emphasized that the job was given to Serbian distinguished companies and institutions, trustworthy partners of PE EPS.

The contracted project and spatial and planning documents are planned to be completed within 18 months. EPS shall then adopt the decision on the manner of financing and constructing Bistrica PS HPP. Even though the planning documents represent the key part of the following activities relating to the development of the project, special attention at the meeting was given to harmonization and optimization of upcoming activities for the most efficient development of the project.

The project of the construction of Bistrica PS HPP, as a multipurpose plant with the possibility of pump-turbine unit operation, shall have a significant importance due to the growing need for RES integration. This is why PE EPS is preparing the construction of Bistrica PS HPP, which would, by its flexibility and storage capacity, significantly contribute to the security of supply and decarbonization of Serbia, as well as the region.

With its energy characteristics and the position in the Uvac river basin, Bistrica PS HPP and Klak reservoir would bring new quality into the manner of utilization of all hydro power plants at Uvac and Lim rivers (Uvac HPP, Kokin Brod HPP, Bistrica HPP and Potpeć HPP), creating the conditions for more favorable energy and economic exploitation. The project envisages the installation of four units having the total installed capacity of 628 MW, with planned annual generation of approximately 1,100 GWh.


In addition to PE EPS representatives, the meeting was attended by the representatives of the contractors, as well as Elektromreža Srbije.