Commitment to Drina Project Development

Gornja Drina HES Assembly Session Held

The joint project of Electric Power Industry of Serbia and Mixed Holding Power Utility of Republic of Srpska, the construction of Gornja Drina hydro power system, if of great importance for regional cooperation and very complex energy situation in the world. Project development was the major topic of the third regular session of Gornja Drina HES Assembly, which was chaired by Miroslav Tomašević, acting director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The session was also attended by Petar Đokić, Minister of Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska, Milan Baštinac, Assistant Minister of Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska and Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as Goran Ninković, representing EPRS and Ljiljana Milicanović, representing EPS.

The company Gornja Drina HES was established as a joint project company of PE EPS, with ownership share of 51 per cent and EPRS with ownership share of 49 per cent, for the construction of Buk Bijela, Foča and Paunci at Drina River upper course in Republika Srpska.

Minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska, Petar Djokic, highlighted that the project had all necessary support of the relevant institutions of the Republic of Srpska, and he particularly pointed out the need for construction of such important power capacities.

- EPS is dedicated to this project as it is one of our most important strategic projects and serious approach by our strategic partner is very important said Miroslav Tomasevic, EPS Acting Director.

At the third session of HES Gornja Drina Company Assembly, the guidelines for overcoming all obstacles to development of this complex project were agreed and it was acknowledged that a great effort by all participants was made in implementation so far. During the development of the project, many obstacles were overcome and significant results were achieved providing motivation for further implementation of preparatory and main works for construction of three hydropower plants and exploitation of significant hydropower potential of the Drina River upper course.