There Will Be No Changes Without Informing Employees

False Information About New Systematization in EPS


Management of Elektroprivreda Srbije has not prepared new systematization of jobs and no new systematization of jobs will be done without knowledge of employees. For reasons only known to them, one of EPS Union streams led by Mr. Branko Krsmanović published through social networks, inter alia, completely false piece of information about new systematization in EPS JSC which was not prepared, nor was it sent to anyone. The preparation of new systematization has just begun and EPS JSC management has informed the Ministry of Mining and Energy about it today. Representatives of the Union as well as of the workers will be included in preparation of new systematization for protection of all employees.       

It is planned to analyze, modify and adjust draft systematization from 2016 with participation of employees representatives. KPMG Consulting which prepared the draft from 2016 is engaged in the project. Work on the project has only just begun, employees representatives will be invited to participate, and completion of analysis and new draft systematization are expected by the end of June and mid-October, respectively. New draft systematization is necessary since the deadline of nine months from the registration of the legal form change is provided for under the EPS JSC Statute to put in line the company’s acts.          

It is irresponsible to use false information to spread panic among employees who born great deal of burden of improving the generation and the results of Elektroprivreda Srbije.


EPS JSC Acting Director

Miroslav Tomašević