Unit A3 rotor ready for refurbishment

Last Stage of Djerdap 1 HPP Revitalisation


In the last sixth revitalisation stage of the largest Serbian hydropower plant Djerdap 1 on Friday, 16 September, the main generator rotor of unit A3 was dismantled. Rotor dismantling was attended by Miroslav Tomasevic, acting director of Elektroprivreda Srbije.

- The last, sixth revitalisation stage of Djerdap 1 HPP is no mean feat for the entire EPS. After refurbishment, our largest HPP will have higher capacity and reliability and a longer operating life for the coming 30 to 40 years. After five revitalisation stages, the experience and know-how of experts are on our side, and I believe that we will successfully finish the refurbishment itself - said Tomasevic.

The rotor was transferred to the erection yard to be refurbished and prepared for a new operating cycle after more than fifty years of successful operation. It is one of the most important assemblies of the unit, with a diameter of 14 meters, weighing 610 tons. Its dismantling was carried out with the help of five hydraulic cranes, after which special traverses with a load capacity of 680 tons, intended for rotor transfer, were coupled. Two cranes with a capacity of 400 tons were used to transfer the traverse.

In parallel with the dismantling, a platform was prepared intended to store the rotor on the external erection yard. Six steel supports were installed to lay the rotor, as well as screw jacks under the rotor brake disc.

Unit A3 generated the most energy out of all six units installed in the turbine hall of the Djerdap 1 HPP. It was synchronized to the Serbian power system on 3 March 1971 with a nominal generator capacity of 176.3 megawatts. The value of this machine is illustrated by the fact that it spent 347,561 hours online and generated an incredible 48.6 billion kWh of electricity, an average of just under a billion kWh per year.