Local experts and balanced production as JSC EPS advantages

From the third session of the Scientific Council

The JSC EPS Scientific Council has made a recommendation not to separate renewable energy sources from the well-balanced generation in EPS and to provide for local experts to continue with leading the company.

- One of the major competitive advantages of EPS is particularly well-balanced generation coming from both, coal fired and gas fired thermal power plants, and generation of renewable energy from hydro power plants. Any separation of EPS parts would depreciate the other two - this is a view of the Scientific Council adopted at the third session, held on 8 May 2023 at the Faculty for Civil Engineering in Belgrade.

The Scientific Council notes, according to information it has, that EPS, having been in the hands of local experts, current members of the Executive Board, has transformed from an importer of electricity into an exporter in a very short time, with a considerable share of “green” energy coming from hydro power plants.

-  These are remarkable results that confirm that Electric Power Industry of Serbia may be managed in conformity with interests of the Serbian citizens - as the members of the advisory body agreed.

At the session, some possibilities for applying new technologies in EPS were considered, and organization of scientific and expert work in studying available technologies and identifying solutions appropriate to EPS, as well as preparation of corresponding documents, was suggested. 

Conclusions made at the meetings in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts regarding nuclear energy and use of biomass, as well as possibilities for using biomass in EPS were presented.

The EPS Scientific Council was formed for promoting technical and information development of EPS production and other capacities, for implementation of environmental protection actions, energy efficiency and for creating necessary conditions for sustainable development of the power system and execution of the Strategy for the Serbian energy development.