Dragan S. Jovanović - Winner of EPS Award

Honorary Certificate and Medallion "Đorđe Stanojević" Awarded



The traditional award of Electric Power Industry of Serbia - Honorary Certificate and Medallion "Đorđe Stanojević" for the year 2022 was presented to Dragan S. Jovanović, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, by Miroslav Tomašević, EPS acting director.

The awarding decision was made by Awarding Committee for Honorary Certificate and Medallion “Đorđe Stanojević", which was appointed by the Supervisory Board of Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The award is a sign of recognition for an exceptional contribution in the field of power plant exploitation, increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness in power production, and exceptional commitment to the realization of the business policy of the power system in Serbia. Dragan Jovanović spent his entire career in the EPS system, from his trainee engineering days at TENT A until his retirement. With his experience and involvement, he successfully managed the Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plants during the period of economic sanctions and NATO aggression. He directly participated in the rehabilitation of destroyed and damaged TENT facilities and organized work in wartime conditions, which enabled the production of electricity with minimal interruptions. Outstanding production results were achieved in thermal power plants, when he was at managerial positions in Kostolac TPP-OCM. He also left his mark as the first executive director for technical affairs of power production after the reorganization of EPS.

During the contracting and designing of Kostolac B3 unit, he significantly contributed to the definition of technical characteristics and technological solutions, and was one of the signatories of the contract for the construction of that unit, the first new production capacity in Serbia after three decades. He shared knowledge with young associates, fostered a special human and professional relationship with his colleagues and thus encouraged a good and creative working atmosphere for achieving top results.

Jovanović thanked for the recognition and emphasized that it was an emotional moment for him that after almost 40 years of career in the power system, he received an award named after the man who first introduced electricity in Serbia.

- Every job has its ups and downs, so one wonders if there were more good or bad things. This award tells me that someone has decided that there were more good things after all - said Jovanović and added that he was sure that EPS would always successfully come out of every problem encountered in business operation because people had always been and always would be the biggest capital of EPS.

This EPS recognition, which bears the name of the person most deserving of the introduction of electricity in Serbia, is traditionally awarded to individuals and institutions that have contributed to the development of the Serbian power system and electrification.