Households save 13 percent of electricity

Rational electricity consumption in October

About 45 percent of households in Serbia reduced their consumption in October compared to October last year and they were entitled to a discount on electricity, said Mr. Aleksandar Bjeličić, Director of Electricity Supply at EPS Snabdevanje. In October, out of a total of 3.37 million households in Serbia, more than 1.5 million households have item 6 on the bill which indicates the calculated discount, based on the recommendation of the Government of Serbia to decrease monthly bills for households consuming less electricity compared to the same month last year in the period from 1st October 2022 until 31st March 2023.

Majority of customers got a discount of 30 percent - approximately 700,000 customers. They are followed by households which reduced consumption by 20 percent compared to October last year - there is approximately 264,000 of them, while some 554,000 families got their bill reduced by 15 percent. The people of Belgrade and Vojvodina used energy the most rationally, said Bjeličić in a guest appearance on the morning program of Radio-television of Serbia.

The data indicate that the biggest savings were achieved by customers who use electricity for heating, thanks to the higher average temperature, which was 15.4 degrees Celsius in October, while in the same month of 2021 the average temperature was 11.6 degrees.

- Individuals and companies have taken seriously this energy crisis and total consumption in the country is reduced by 11 percent. Households’ consumption is reduced by 13 percent, saving 145 million KWh in total – said Bjeličić. – Collection rate amounts to 98 percent, and around 62 percent of households pay the bills by 28th day of a month thus achieving a discount of five percent.