Professional magazine Electric Power Industry Journal restored

The first issue published

The first issue of the professional journal Electric Power Industry Journal is publicly available as of today and its contents can be viewed and downloaded at the link . With the approval of the National Library of Serbia, the journal publishing platform was symbolically unlocked on St. Ilija, the St. Patron's Day of the electricians. On 1st August 2023, by assigning an ISSN number, the National Library of Serbia practically registered the journal. The journal is of a scientific and professional character, it is an open access journal and there are no financial obligations between the authors and the publisher regarding articles publication. The executive publisher is EPS JSC and the co-publisher is the Institute of Electrical Engineering Nikola Tesla. This issue is a special one, with five expanded, improved and subsequently reviewed papers awarded at the last year's 13th International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED) in Serbia. These papers refer to the current topics - optimal locating and configuring solar and power storage systems, aggregator as a new market participant, aggregation of virtual power plants, magnetic induction impact on the population and analysis of the quality of delivered electricity. Editorial policy, topic areas and detailed instructions for the preparation of text that will be submitted for the introductory word of the editors were published in the first issue. The introductory word of the editors contains invitations to interested experts to write and submit articles, to register for manuscript reviewing, as well as the invitation to readers to actively participate, by sending written discussions and comments on articles. The old, printed edition, which was published until 2011, will be classified by the National Library as a previous title and its printed version will be put in the Catalogue of Printed Editions, and the magazine titles will be linked with the appropriate fields. Thus, on the one hand, a link between the old and new editions will be established, and on the other hand, a multi-decade stage in the history of publishing the Electric Power Industry Journal will be formally ended and its new chapter will begin, suitable for the modern times.