Another daily record of Zvornik HPP

Confirmation of the successful rehabilitation of one of the oldest HPPs in EPS


Zvornik hydropower plant, one of the oldest HPPs in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia system, achieved a new absolute record in daily electricity generation on December 23rd. 2,918 MWh of electricity was generated in Zvornik HPP on that day. This is the best daily result in the 67-year history of this Drina hydropower plant, and at the same time Zvornik HPP achieved the set annual generation plan of 432,000 MWh of electricity.

Zvornik HPP was completely rehabilitated from 2016 to 2020, and a series of records achieved since the end of the rehabilitation are confirmation that the good work was done and it was done successfully. The main electro-mechanical equipment on the units was completely replaced. Entirely new turbines, generators, step-up transformers, 110 kV switchyards, protection and control systems, as well as other auxiliary systems were installed.

The rehabilitation of Zvornik HPP increased its power by an additional 30 megawatts and now totals 126 megawatts. The rehabilitation also contributed to lower maintenance costs; the ecological aspect was significantly improved with additional environmental protection, and the operational life of this hydropower plant was extended for another 40 years.