Safety and Strict Standards - a Priority for Unit B3 Commissioning

Dušan Živković, acting general manager of EPS JSC, about the Kostolac B3 unit trial run

Serbian citizens should not worry about health and safety when it comes to unit B3 in Kostolac, because this unit will be commissioned only after all strict standards and test procedures have been met, said Dušan Živković, acting general manager of Elektroprivreda Srbije as a guest in the Pink television morning show.

- As the general manager, but also as an electrical engineer and someone who has taken part in the commissioning of a large number of TPP and HPP units after refurbishments, I can guarantee that unit B3 will be built in accordance with all technical norms and standards. Trial run and testing of the system are performed carefully, one by one, which will allow us to commission the unit smoothly after all the testing has been completed. Testing complexity is reflected in the number of systems, including coal delivery, boilers, turbines, generators, transformers, complex unit control system. All the necessary procedures need to be carried out to make the unit ready for grid connection - said Živković.

He added that boiler firing had been completed the day before and that this important test was successful. All measures have been taken to protect the environment, while the carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust emission reduction plants will be in operation. This will guarantee emissions aligned with the legal limits.

- Commissioning of individual systems is underway, while the unit is expected to go online for the first time in late September or early October. This implies continued system testing, rather than commissioning - said Živković.

When it comes to electricity supply to citizens and businesses during the coming winter, Živković said that EPS has performed the planned overhauls and that the units would go back online. With the current coal stockyard occupancy levels of as much as 2.1 million tons of coal and water reservoirs, whose reserves amount to about 600 gigawatt-hours, EPS will cover Serbia’s energy needs from its own generation and ensure safe supply.

Živković reminded that vacancies have been announced for the dispatcher position for young electrical engineers, which is very important for further development and operation of EPS.

- The idea was to go one step further and offer young engineers an internship in EPS, to allow them to get used to the conditions and environment they would face in future. I am sure that EPS is a good employer and can provide good professional development - said Živković.