Japanese PSHPP Okutataragi example for Serbia and EPS

Dušan Živković, acting general manager of EPS JSC, visited the largest PSHPP in Japan

Faster development and greater RES share are necessary to facilitate power system security and independence. In order to achieve this, we need at least one new pumped storage hydropower plant. The Japanese pumped storage hydropower plant Okutataragi, with a capacity of 1,932 megawatts, is an example of the technology that enables this and significantly contributes to Japan’s energy security - said Dušan Živković, acting general manager of EPS JSC, after visiting PSHPP Okutataragi.


He pointed out that Okutataragi is the largest pumped storage hydropower plant in Japan and one of the largest in the world, a very impressive plant that covers peak electricity needs at the times when this is most needed. Despite its very large size of the pumped storage hydropower plant Okutataragi located in Asago, Hyogo Prefecture, its surrounding nature, rivers and forests are captivating. Serbia needs to apply such a pumped storage hydropower plant operating principle, and Japan’s experience will be very useful.


- The Bistrica Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant Project is strategic for EPS and it is one of its most important investments. This PSHPP is significant due to its energy storage capacity, while the future PSHPP Bistrica with the planned capacity of 656 megawatts, would be ideal to cover RES operation fluctuations - said Živković.


Before the visit of the pumped storage hydropower plant Okutataragi, acting general manager of EPS JSC attended the meeting of Ms. Dubravka Đedović Handanović, Minister of Mining and Energy, with the representatives of the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation (JICA). Japanese officials expressed their readiness and willingness to support the Bistrica pumped storage hydropower plant construction project.