Determined to implement Bistrica PSHPP project

Dušan Živković, EPS JSC acting general manager, visited the factory of Hitachi company

Power and performances of hydro turbines produced in Japanese factory Hitachi as well as other equipment that we have seen, belong to the cutting-edge equipment used in hydro power plants and particularly in pumped-storage hydro power plants around the world. Elektroprivreda Srbije is determined to build the 656 MW pumped-storage hydro power plant Bistrica in cooperation with the state and experience and technologies used in Japanese companies such as Hitachi are globally renowned and recognized in the field of hydro power – said Dušan Živković, EPS JSC acting general manager, after his visit to the factory of Hitachi company.

Japanese experts presented the plant for material and equipment testing, and the delegation which consisted of the representatives of the Ministry of Mining and Energy and the project team of Energoprojekt hidroinženjering besides the representatives of EPS, made a tour of a part of the factory manufacturing the equipment where the model impellers and afterwards the impellers and the turbine equipment, as well, are produced. The host showed many parts of the plant which are used in pumped-storage hydro power plants.