Together to stronger power companies in the region

From Trebinje Energy Summit

“Integration of the region in the field of energy is one of the solutions for the challenges imposed by the energy transition, increase of renewable energy sources share and system balancing”, estimated the participants of the panel “Road and dynamics of energy transition in the region” at Trebinje Energy Summit (SET).

- We should be integrated, as we are stronger together. We rely on each other. No matter how hard we try to function independently and have something only for ourselves, it is impossible, we need to connect - said Mr. Miroslav Tomašević acting director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia at the panel.

While speaking of the transition to renewable energy sources, he pointed out that the balancing of the system was the key issue.

- It is easy to say we will have investments, but the question is how to balance the system - said Tomašević and assessed that by “turning to” nuclear and gas-fired power plants by those countries not having those energy resources, procurement from abroad leads to energy dependence.

When asked whether there were clear plans as to until when coal capacities would operate in Serbia, Mr. Tomašević said he would not bid on the deadlines.

- Serbia will not rush with energy transition. We shall follow the green agenda and all signed agreements, but we primarily need to protect the interests of our country. We have seen prices soar due to Ukraine crisis. It was easy to make plans while ignoring the risks, which still happened. As a serious country, we started the implementation of the integrated National Climate and Energy Plan. We will work on various development scenarios and follow the European legislation. We will think it through, since the base energy, as the word says, is our basic energy securing continuous production and we need to cling to it, even though it is unpopular at the moment - suggested Mr. Tomašević.

In his speech at the summit, Mr. Luka Petrović, the director of Mixed Holding Power Utility of Republic of Srpska said that energy potential in the region and the prospects for cooperation were not sufficiently utilized, which should be focused on in the future, for the benefit of the citizens and energy companies.

- Together, we can be more stable, profitable, organized and more than anything else friends - said Mr. Petrović.

The third SET gathered the experts, decision-makers and the representatives of power companies and regulators of the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Germany, Poland, China and Hungary.

Approximately 70 lead experts will take part in 10 panels at the summit lasting from 16 to 18 March, and, in addition to the head of the company, EPS will be represented my Mr. Mijat Milošević, director of Department for market supply and electricity trade support.