EPS has Clear Plans for the Future

From the International Conference Elektrane 2023

Joint Stock company Elektroprivreda Srbije has clear plans for future development and new projects contributing to Serbia’s energy independence, safe, reliable and high-quality supply of electricity to citizens and the economy. Investments in new capacities are intensively planned, especially in renewable energy sources. Energy transition is our reality and every day we have an increasing number of new energy market participants from the private sector. However, state companies are also increasingly actively taking part in this process, said Dušan Živković, acting general manager of Elektroprivreda Srbije at the ceremonial opening of the 10th International Conference Elektrane 2023, held in Zlatibor from 8 to 10 November.

- Greater RES share has its own balancing requirements, and we will respond to them by building the 656 MW pumped-storage hydropower plant Bistrica. This will facilitate the balancing of 2,000 megawatts from new generation, primarily wind and solar power plants. EPS continues to implement projects, such as the 66-megawatt Kostolac wind farm and the Petka solar power plant, with a capacity of close to 10 megawatts - said Živković at a conference organized by the Association of Thermal Engineers of Serbia.

He emphasized that EPS also brought two large projects to an end. As part of the revitalization of the pride of Serbian energy - Djerdap 1 hydropower plant, the last revitalized unit was also commissioned, whose trial operation will commence in the next three days. Unit A3 remains online after this.

- We also created conditions to bring the construction of the thermal power plant Kostolac B3 to an end. Boiler tests, mechanical rotation of the turbine and the generator have been completed, while the final testing processes and grid synchronization of the unit remain. The revitalization of Vlasina hydropower power plants and Djerdap 2 hydropower plant are still pending. In this way, we will create the conditions for the hydro sector to operate smoothly and contribute to the RES share in our energy mix - added Živković.

He estimated that the green road will create the conditions to improve the security of supply in Serbia through diversification.

- The state should rely on domestic resources and institutions that have proven themselves in the past by developing a functional electricity industry both locally and abroad. Even now efforts are invested into building new and modernizing existing plants - said prof. Dr. Predrag Stefanović, chairman of the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia.

Introductory lectures were held on the first day of the conference Elektrane 2023. Aleksandar Jakovljević, director of the Strategy Sector of EPS, spoke about the position of power companies in the energy transition, while Dragan Belonić, director of HPP Djerdap 1, presented the revitalization project of this HPP. Charters were awarded to the Serbian Committee of the World Energy Council and Elektroprivreda Srbije.