Spreader 4 Up and Running Again

Safer and More Efficient Production at the Kolubara Coal Basin Mines

Excavator Spreader 4 has become part of the production process today at the Tamnava-Zapadno polje open cast mine in the Kolubara Coal Basin. This spreader is extremely important for efficient coal production in Elektroprivreda Srbije and its Kolubara Coal Basin Branch.
Completion of works marked the return of this mighty machine to the production process at the Tamnava-Zapadno polje after successful fire damage repair. Due to its capacity of 12,000 cubic metres per hour, it is used to dispose tailings, overburden and interburden with several excavators. Spreader 4 is the biggest spreader at the Kolubara Coal Basin Branch mines. It started working on this mine in December 2017. It is 130 meters long and weighs about 2,000 tons.
Fire damage repair was fully completed on 10 December, as foreseen by the plan adopted a year ago. In the past two months, regular overhaul works were carried out to ensure safe and secure operation of the excavator for the years to come.
After the two-day transport of this spreader to its operating position began on 14 February, it arrived at its destination without difficulty, along a well-prepared route, and was integrated into the system. For the mine employees, planned system upgrades ensued, involving numerous necessary technological and technical activities to integrate Spreader 4 into operation. All fire damage repair activities, overhaul activities and works to improve spreader system operation were carried out by the employees of EPS, Kolubara Coal Basin Branch and Metal organisational unit.