Excavator and two Spreaders on the way to Field “G”

Mining machinery MB "Kolubara" crosses the road and railway

The colossus of MB "Kolubara", three mining machines, up to 32 meters high and weighing up to 1,500 tons, started crossing the Ibarska highway, three railway crossings, and a local road on a 13-kilometer long route to the Field "G" mine.

The Bucket Wheel Excavator "Glodar 4", "Spreader 1", and ArsB 3000x50 started on December 21st from the site where they were rehabilitated and prepared for work on new locations, and on the 23rd they will complete the transition through the transport infrastructure. The excavator and two spreaders are to be transferred to the western mines of "Kolubara" to speed up the removal of the overburden at the mines Field "G" and "Tamnava – West Field" and to provide conditions for coal exploitation at "Radljevo“.

- Bucket Wheel Excavator "Glodar 4" has been completely repaired during the past few months and we expect that it will be on the transporters of Field "G" in two days. The ultimate goal of "Glodar 4" is the mine "Tamnava – West Field", but the excavator will work on Field "G" in the coming months due to the opening of new quantities of coal and more stable and safer production from the western mines. When the weather conditions allow it, in April or May, the excavator will continue towards its final goal - said Srdjan Alimpijević, Director of the Surface Mines in MB "Kolubara", who attended the transport of equipment.

He said that the agreed quantities of coal are delivered from MB "Kolubara", without any problems.

- In the previous days, we have witnessed attacks aimed at the "Electric Power Industry of Serbia", MB "Kolubara" and coal itself. The situation that arose in TENT has been successfully overcome, the power generation is going smoothly and the agreed quantities of good quality coal are going to the thermal power plant without any problems. Delivery will increase day by day, according to the scheduled production - Alimpijević pointed out. - Although individuals from the Ministry of Mining and Energy expressed doubts about our data, even some independent institutes, which were hired by the Ministry, confirmed the accuracy of EPS’ information on the quantities of discovered coal. According to the recordings, "Kolubara" has 7.1 million tons of discovered coal. 

He rejected the accusations of lobbyists and so-called green energy fighters, who have been repeating for days that only mud came from Kolubara.

- That is not true, it offends the miners from "Kolubara". Coal has not been mined for the last five, six days, or that weekend, it has been mined for decades. And coal has always been black gold, and it has maintained energy stability. At the meeting with Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Serbia, the miners of "Kolubara" received support - said Alimpijević. 

Alimpijević also emphasized the importance of the work of all services that participated in the preparation and realization of the transport of mining machines and thanked "Electric Networks of Serbia", "Roads of Serbia" and "Serbian Railways" for cooperation in preparing this great work.

The Bucket Wheel Excavator and two Spreaders on the way to the destination cross the infrastructure corridor of about 1.5 kilometers, then through Field "D" about nine kilometers, and from the current to the planned position for "Glodar 4" on Field "G" route is about 2,5 kilometers.