The annual record of the hydro power plant Zvornik

One more success of the rehabilitated hydro power plant

In 2021, the hydro power plant Zvornik continues with breaking records. The absolute record in annual production of electricity in 66 year-old history of this power plant was broken yesterday and 579.29 million kWh has been produced in 2021. According to the actual information, the annual production plan in 2021 will be exceeded by 62 percent.

This is a result of operation of fully rehabilitated units where main electrical and mechanical equipment was completely replaced during a four-year rehabilitation period. Completely new turbines, generators, step-up transformers, 110 kV switchyards, control and electrical protection system, as well as other auxiliary systems were installed. The units were put into operation successively, between 2016 and 2020.

The capacity of the hydro power plant Zvornik has been increased by additional 30 megawatts and it is 122.3 megawatts now. The rehabilitation contributed to reduced maintenance costs, the environmental aspect has been improved with enhanced environment preservation, and the life cycle of this power plant has been extended by additional 40 years.