Е- bill in the interest of customers as well as nature conservation

Živković for RTS: Both the EPS system and finances stable

“We continue to improve digital services, and replacing paper bills with electronic ones for households and small customers is only one step in that direction“, said Dušan Živković, acting director of Elektroprivreda Srbije as a guest in the News, at Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

“This step is primarily in the interest of the citizens because the period between the bill and its delivery is significantly shortened. Also it is in the interest of nature conservation. We print more than 3.2 million bills every month, which is unnecessary in the age of digital technologies. Of course, everything is on a voluntary basis and is very simply activated“, said Živković.

He adds that there are no deadlines for paper bill cancellation and that the costs incurred by EPS for paper bills now represent a discount on the bill in the amount of 50 dinars. “We want to somehow motivate customers to join us not only in the digitization process, but also in environmental protection“, stated Živković.

“The response will be already seen at the beginning of January, because the conditions will be created for all customers who now express interest to get a discount on the first next bill, to receive an e-bill and to enable them to pay in one of the selected ways“, explained the director of EPS.

“Ahead of the upcoming holidays, the system is absolutely ready for increased electricity consumption - electricity generation is stable and in accordance with the plan. Our business decision is to have full coal landfills and hydro reservoirs, which amount to 2.3 million tons of coal, or about 500 gigawatt-hours. We have a good hydrological situation, and thanks to the completed revitalization of HPP Đerdap 1, it generates up to 25 percent of electricity per day. All these processes, along with the part of the energy that EPS places on the market, guarantee us a profit“, stated Živković.

“EPS has already started structural reforms. Thanks to the strong support of the President of the Republic of Serbia, the Government, and especially the relevant Ministry, along with the expected historical financial result at the end of the year and power stability, the period ahead will bring a further process of commercialization of the company with reference to the green transition and further digitization, so that EPS would be much more competitive on the market“, concluded the first man of EPS.