Development with Lim - Zapadna Morava System

Lecture at School of Electrical Engineering by Mr. Vladimir Šiljkut, PhD


The construction of a multipurpose hydro power system Lim - Zapadna Morava would be a solution to the growing issue of energy stability, independence and security of Serbia, along with regulating watercourses, providing drinking water reserves and encouraging economic development, said Mr. Vladimir Šiljkut, PhD, the PE EPS business system advisor to director, at a lecture held at the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering. At his lecture Multipurpose Use of Hydro Power Potential as a Prospective Option for Promising Development of Power Sector, Economy and Environmental Protection in Serbia, Mr. Šiljkut presented the hydro system project Lim - Zapadna Morava to students, professors and energy experts, while this project development is currently being considered by Electric Power Industry of Serbia.

-  The pumped storage hydro power plant Bistrica and its upper reservoir Klak would be the center of the project as well as the condition for its realization. Contract for the development of Preliminary Design, Feasibility Study and planning document for Bistrica PSHPP is soon to be signed and the construction is planned to be completed by 2030. The construction of Lim - Zapadna Morava system would follow - he said.

As he explained, this project would include the construction of three dams and several hydro power plants or pumped storage hydro power plants, with reservoirs whose reserve would amount to as much as one terawatt-hour, which is more than the current total capacity of EPS reservoirs.

- The key facility in the hydro system Lim - Zapadna Morava would be 200-meter high Orlovača dam with a hydro power plant, Ljubišnica derivative HPP, dam and Roge HPP, along with Đetinja derivative HPP, having a tunnel through which water would be discharged into the West Morava in the summer, in order to irrigate and improve water quality in the catchment area. Finally, there would be a dam for Svračkovo water intake, with the possibility of constructing a hydro power plant there as well – Šiljkut, PhD, specified.  

He reminded everyone that this project was conceived several decades ago, as well as Bistrica PSHPP project. 

- The idea is now to reaffirm and innovate good projects – Šiljkut, PhD, said, adding that his contribution to Lim - Zapadna Morava project was his suggestion to consider the construction of pumped storage hydro power plants, or at least to consider subsequent construction of pumping plants along with hydro power plants, when the achieved level of the renewable energy sources share with variable production in the production mix would require.

- These pumped storage hydro power plants would bring the greatest possible flexibility to the Serbian power system and would enable greater integration of RES. In the next half century, this project would ensure not only energy security and stability in Serbia, but also the integration of RES to the greatest extent possible. More RES capacities could be connected to the system than envisaged by the maximalist scenarios – Šiljkut, PhD, pointed out.

Speaking about the investment value and financing opportunities, Šiljkut, PhD, stated that the suggestion was that the state, through EU assistance and other funds for green projects, should provide funds to finance dams, access roads, hydraulic and gravity tunnels, since the aim of this was to regulate watercourses and reduce the risk of floods, while the energy part would be EPS' obligation.

- I hope that the presentation of such good and promising ideas and projects, to the experts and then to the general public, will contribute to the creation of a better media image and restore the reputation and trust in EPS. Even while being damaged, young, professional and company-loyal staff of PE EPS pondered and acted, initiating the reaffirmation of such ideas and projects. Thus, they encouraged us, their older colleagues, to make a step in the right direction - concluded Šiljkut.