Dušan Živković, Acting Director of EPS, at the Belgrade Energy Forum

EPS develops new RES projects, wind farm equipment arrived

The first equipment for the wind farm "Kostolac", the first wind farm project of Elektroprivreda Srbije, arrived just today, we started the construction of the solar power plant "Petka" and with the 1 gigawatt of solar self-balancing power plants project and with the future pumped-storage hydropower plant "Bistrica", EPS is preparing for the future, for a different production portfolio, sustainable business, with essential security of supply – said Dušan Živković, Acting Director of EPS, at the Belgrade Energy Forum during the panel on accelerating the way toward the decarbonization of the region's electric power industry.

He pointed out that the project of the future pumped-storage hydropower plant "Bistrica", with a capacity of 628 MW, was one of the strategic projects without which there was no greater participation of RES in the coming decades. Živković also stressed that it was already clear that the circular economy and artificial intelligence would be topics that, in addition to decarbonization, would mark the time ahead and have the greatest impact on the future of the energy sector.

- Decarbonizing and replacing fossil fuel production is a particular challenge for energy, but these three areas will have a key impact not only on the energy sector, but also on all other fields. If in the last century we replaced the candle and the ingle with a light bulb, now we are replacing them with solar panels and heat pumps – Živković said.