Daily generation record on the Danube broken

From Djerdap 2 HPP

On Saturday, 4th March Djerdap Hydro Power Plant generated 6,220 MWh and broke the daily record in electricity generation. Previous record of 6,140 MWh generated in one day was set on 21st April 2014.
A new record was set due to maximum operational readiness of all 10 units, installed in two machine halls, great inflows of the Danube and also good generation planning in the dispatch centre.
Favourable hydrological situation on the Danube enabled Djerdap 2 HPP to generate a total of 333,436 MWh of electricity since the beginning of the year, which is by 11% higher than planned. In January, the inflows on the Danube amounted to 6,860 m3 /s on average which is by 32% above the multi-year average for this month. Generation reached 161,242 MWh in January and was by 36% higher than planned. This is also the second largest January generation result in 38-year long history of the hydro power plant.
Good generation results were also achieved in February. At an average Danube inflow of 6,268 m3/s, the generation was by 28% above the plan and amounted to 142,926 MWh.