Energy security as a postulate of development

Dušan Živković, EPS JSC Acting Director at Jahorina Economic Forum

Construction of the pumped storage hydro power plant of “Bistrica” will contribute to establishing a long-term energy serenity in Serbia, since such strategic generating facility will bring along a necessary additional energy security of the electric power system, has said Dušan Živković, EPS JSC Acting Director on the Jahorina Economic Forum today.

- Energy crises have imposed the energy security issue as priority and because of that the basic postulate of development of each country will be the energy security. Taking into account the increasing needs and interests in investments in renewable energy sources, “Bistrica” PSHPP, together with “Bajina Bašta” PSHPP, will enable balancing the diversified Serbian power industry with the higher share of solar and wind energy and also of other potential sources – highlighted Živković at the Regional Energy Market Panel.

He has said that, besides the new RES projects, EPS review other possibilities such as hydrogen use, as well as that on a long term, nuclear energy should be considered, too, as nuclear power plant may be seen as potential to additionally secure electric power system and situation caused by thermal power plants phase-out which was the basic energy production.

- Digitalization process which we largely live, indisputably imposes the organizational change in energy companies, which EPS started and which it will successfully complete, I believe. We are finalizing the work on the transformation plan that will ensure a higher level of corporate management along with the professionalization of management – has emphasized the first man of EPS.