HPP Zvornik achieved a record in annual electricity generation

Fabulous results in EPS hydropower production continued

On 17 December, HPP Zvornik achieved an absolute record in annual electricity generation in its 68-year long history, since 26 September 1955, when this hydro power plant on the river of Drina was put in operation. This is the result of favorable hydrology on the Drina River, high availability and reliability of all of four generating hydro units and work commitment of employees. This year, as of 17 December, HPP Zvornik generated 591.405 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. According to current data, annual generation plan in 2023 will be exceeded by 17 percent. The highest daily generation in the history of the power plant was recorded on 16 May this year, when the units of HPP Zvornik generated 2,940 MWh of electricity.