Hydro sector of EPS was by 41.3 % better than in 2022

An excellent year regarding the generation of hydro power plants, records beaten

In 2023, Elektroprivreda Srbije beat the records in green kW generation due to good hydrology and high reliability of all units. Generation was by 41.3 % higher than in 2022, and annual generation plan was exceeded by 13 %. Electricity generation of EPS hydro power plants reached a significant amount of 12,665 GWh, and/or more than 12 billion kWh of electricity, in the previous year. A share of green hydro energy in total EPS generation reached 36.5 %.

During 2023, Đerdap HPP units generated 8,614 GWh which is by 43 % higher than in 2022. Upon rehabilitation, Đerdap 1 HPP exceeded by 16 % annual generation plan which envisaged 5,515 GWh, or 5.5 billion kWh, and generated 6,397 GWh of electricity. The other Đerdap power plant generated 1,738 GWh from the beginning of 2023, and thus beat the annual record in generation. Good results were recorded in Drinsko – Limske HPPs, as well, where the electricity generation was by 38 % higher than in 2022. Bajina Bašta HPP exceeded the cumulative annual fulfilment of the plan by almost 11 %, as well as the generation plan which envisaged 1,689 GWh. Bajina Bašta PSHPP met the plan, as well.

An absolute record in generation was reached by Zvornik HPP with its 68-year long history by having generated 618.3 GWh of electricity and thus having exceeded the annual plan by 17.1 %. The highest daily generation in the history of this power plant was recorded on 16 May of this year, when Zvornik HPP units generated 2,940 MWh of electricity. 

Additionally, Vlasina had results to be proud of. Vlasinske HPPs met the annual generation plan. EPS hopes for excellent generation and new records in 2024, as well.