Together to stable EPS


Dear colleagues,

The year we are leaving behind us was one of the most difficult years for the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, as we faced many challenges and problems, but with joint efforts we managed to stabilize electricity generation and coal production. Thanks to the dedicated and professional work of all EPS’ employees in the mines, the power plants and in the entire system, we overcame the problems we had in December 2021, which were combined with energy crisis and the drought.

Many doubted that we would get ready for this winter. However, you know what we have done - we have completed the necessary overhauls, secured sufficient quantities of coal, fuel oil and gas and we are steadily entering the winter to come. We have been working day and night for months and I thank you for that. In the future period I immodestly expect you to be the most reliable link in the EPS’ business again, and with your knowledge, experience and expertise you confirm without any doubt that you are this link. EPS has great engineers, miners, craftsmen, project managers and experts in different fields and with you EPS has a future. All of you are a guarantee that EPS will be a stable and successful company in 2023, back on its feet again.

We have prepared projects for the future, to preserve our base energy, and at the same time to develop ourselves on the path of modern technologies. We have renewed the former ties with science and the profession, and I am convinced that in synergy with the academic and professional community we can ensure a safe future and the independence of our energy industry. Once again, thank you for your efforts, work and commitment during the past months, and I wish you and your families happiness, health and success and all the best in 2023.


Kind regards,

Miroslav Tomašević

PE EPS acting director