Record electricity sale, daily record in Zvornik HPP

Serbia – the largest exporter in the Region

Electric Power Industry of Serbia achieved a daily record in electricity sales on the free market of EUR 4.06 million yesterday. Total electricity sold and placed on power exchanges in the Republic of Serbia and region amounted to 26.67 GWh.
Only in three days of March, EPS gained EUR 8.8 million at the free market electricity sales. In February as well, EPS earned EUR 21 million by electricity export. These days, the Republic of Serbia has been the greatest electricity exporter in the South Eastern Europe region.
Records were achieved in hydro sector as well. Zvornik HPP reached on 2nd March new absolute highest generation of 2.923 MWh. The best daily result in 68 years’ long history of this Drina River hydro power plant surpassed the previous record achieved on 23rd December 2022.
One of the oldest hydro power plants of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia continued to break records in generation due to rehabilitated units and equipment. Total rehabilitation of Zvornik HPP was accomplished in the period from 2016 to 2020 and a series of records afterwards is a confirmation of quality and successfully performed works. The units’ main electro-mechanical equipment was completely replaced. Completely new turbines, generators, step-up transformers, 110 kV switchyard, control and protection system, as well as other auxiliary systems were installed.
The rehabilitation increased Zvornik HPP capacity by additional 30 MW totaling now 126 MW. The rehabilitation also contributed to lower maintenance costs, significantly improved ecological and environmental protection aspects and extended the lifetime of this hydro power plant for another 40 years.