First equipment for the Kostolac Wind Farm has arrived

Wind project development in Elektroprivreda Srbije

First equipment for the Kostolac Wind Farm, the first wind project of Elektroprivreda Srbije has arrived at the construction site. Three large blades and two large tower segments were delivered to Kostolac by special transport.

Equipment for the first EPS wind farm, with a capacity of 66 MW, is scheduled to arrive in the coming months, until the beginning of October. After the delivery, installation will begin successively, while the goal is to finish everything by the end of 2024 and then to connect the wind farm to the grid.

Kostolac Wind Farm will have 20 wind generators, 20 towers, each with the capacity of 3.3 MW, i.e. a total capacity of 66 MW. The actual wind generators will be 179 meters high. Each tower will be 117 meters high, holding a wind generator at the top, while the 62-metre difference makes for the blade size. Twenty wind turbines will be sufficient to supply around 30,000 households with green energy, and they will be located on the site of depleted open cast mines and landfills of the Kostolac thermal power plants and mines.

Kostolac Wind Farm Project is valued at EUR 144 million. The European Union secured a grant of EUR 30 million, with EPS allocating EUR 32.2 million for the Project, while KfW extended a loan and a grant of EUR 80 million and EUR 1.8 million, respectively.