First EPS Contract with Commercial Prosumers

Renewable Energy Sources

Electric Power Industry of Serbia has concluded the first contract with commercial prosumer, which is the first example of a consumer becoming the producer of electricity from renewable sources. On 30 March, EPS signed the Full Supply Contract with Net Billing with the company Gruner Serbian from Vlasotince for the period from 1 April 2022 until 31 December 2023.

Gruner Serbian has built a solar power plant on the roof of a production facility, having the capacity of 500 kW. By connecting the solar power plant, this prosumer shall use the generated electricity for own consumption, while the surplus electricity shall be delivered to the electric power system. This shall significantly reduce the bills for taken-over electricity which Gruner Serbian used to buy at open market.

EPS signed the contracts with households, which submitted the applications for concluding full supply contracts with net metering, and immediately informed the distribution system operator (Elektrodistribucija Srbije). The following step is connecting the power plant to the electric power system, which is the obligation of the distribution system operator, within five days as of signing the contract. Upon connecting, the distribution system operator shall, within five days, enter the end consumer into the Prosumer Register, which thus gains the prosumer status.

The instruction on “How to become a prosumer?” can be found on the following link: Applications for concluding full supply contracts with net metering or net billing, as well as full supply contract models for prosumers, can be found on the same link. The Notice on Metering Point Adjustment, issued by the distribution system operator, is an attachment to the application. This is a part of necessary documentation for households and companies intending to generate electricity from renewable energy sources for own purposes, with the possibility of delivering surplus energy to the system or taking over electricity when needed. Full supply contract with net metering is concluded with households, and full supply contract with net billing with companies. The essential difference between net metering and net billing is that in net billing the price of taken over electricity does not have to match the price of electricity delivered to the electric power system.

Prior to the submission of the application for the conclusion of the contract, the customer is obliged to build a RES power plant, the installed capacity of which does not exceed the approved connection capacity of the customer's facility. Furthermore, the metering point has to be adjusted, i.e. two-way meter has to be installed, and the system operator has to be provided with the certificate that all devices, installations and metering points are fully operational and in accordance with the regulations and standards.



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