Coal Production and Processing:


• Development and introduction of new technologies of selective excavation of immediate roofs;

• The possibility of using the materials of immediate roofs and underlying seam as nonmetallic mineral raw materials;

• Reclamation of overburden dump sites;

• Measures of protection of mode and quality of groundwater and surface water and lands in the proximity of mines, and the environment from dust and noise, and protection in coal treatment.


Thermal power plants and combined heat and power plant:


• Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators in accordance with the legal regulations (GVE=50 mg/m3 of solid particles) at the units that are being revitalized;

• The application of primary measures for the reduction of nitrogen oxide concentration in flue gas in accordance with the legal regulations (GVE=200mg/m3 of nitrogen oxide) at the units that are being revitalized;

• Introduction of flue gas desulphurization plant in TPP in accordance with the legal regulations (GVE = 400 mg/m3 of sulfur oxides);

• Improvement of existing and introduction of new technologies of ash and slag transport and disposal (mixing ash and water 1:1);

• Reclamation of ash disposal system in accordance with a special program;

• Reduction of wastewater quantities;


• Quality control of wastewater and follow-up of their effect on the recipients;

• Construction of well water curtains around landfills for the protection of groundwater and surrounding land;

• Usage of ash and slag in cement industry, concrete industry, road construction, etc.


Hydro power plants:


• Monitoring, observation, measuring and analysis of water quality and mode (accumulation, body of water, groundwater) and load mode and quality;

• Protection from erosion, torrents, debris, ice and flood;

• Landscaping of catchment areas;

• Riparian area protection;

• Protection of waters, especially accumulations for which the usage of water for other purposes is planned;

• The project environmental protection organization and management system;

• Preparation of water pollutants cadaster and monitoring system of accumulations and riparian area;

• Introduction of information system for water and riparian area protection