EPS achieved its goal

Acting director of EPS presented the results to the Supervisory Board... Find more

Cooperation as a Road to Transition

Meeting of the Western Balkans Power Industries ... Find more

Proper Transition Measure Necessary

Miroslav Tomašević, PE EPS’ Acting Director, at Trebinje Energy Summit... Find more

EPS on the right track and operating positively, cooperation with FS welcome

Letter from Miroslav Tomašević, Acting Director of JP EPS, to Pavle Petrović, President of the Fiscal Council... Find more

Record electricity sale, daily record in Zvornik HPP

Serbia – the largest exporter in the Region... Find more

Spreader 4 Up and Running Again

Safer and More Efficient Production at the Kolubara Coal Basin Mines... Find more

"Spreader 4" on its way to operating position

Completed works on the rehabilitation of the Spreader at MB "Kolubara" ... Find more

EPS independent of electricity imports

Miroslav Tomašević, PE EPS Acting Director, guest on RTS Morning Show ... Find more

EPS green boom until 2038

Significantly higher RES capacity and production in the next 15 years... Find more

EPS is stable, time for new projects

Operation of the Largest Power Company in Serbia... Find more